Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Picassa experiment

As you can see from the post below, I'm playing with Picassa, yet another Google tool that merges my desktop with an online experience. I've had Picassa on my PC for about a year, but haven't really played with it much (other than to note it did a nice job of finding and cataloging a few thousand graphics files on my PC's HD).

Picassa has a nice 'live' feel to it on a 2-year-old Thinkpad (not always the case with iPhoto, even on a dual-processor G5), and links to an app called Hello, that allows email and what appears to be peer-to-peer sharing. It also links to Blogger, thus the snap below. It has web-gallery export to a local folder, but does not appear to integrate with Google Pages (yet).

San Jose, CA (AP) Acrobat Product Managers (L to R) Rick Brown, Chris Gulker and Dave Stromfeld pose upon completion of Adobe Fitness Center Fun Run in a time of 24:13, which is an Acrobat Product Manager world record for a fun run on April 26 of 2006. (Missing from picture Rick Brown). Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gulker Universe Links

I updated the eye-candy photo of the Gulker Universe Links page... basically a pointer to all of the Gulker home pages et al. I've managed to collect over the years. It's a Hubble (formerly Spitzer) Space Telescope shot of Messier 82, aka the Cigar Galaxy.


Monday, April 24, 2006

gulker - Chris Gulker's Google Home Page

This is interesting: I'm typing in a mini-app that popped up while viewing my Google page in Firefox equipped with a plug-in that shows blogs that refer to the current page view. So I can add this comment while looking at the page...


Thursday, April 20, 2006

On censorship (2006) in progress

Readers of this blog (are there any?) can see the censorship essay in progress: On censorship (2006). Appreciate the link is a bit confusing... the Page Creator beta tools are still a bit limited. The essay-in-progress is only linked from here, not from the Google Pages home (or anywhere else), btw.

This is partly out of curiosity: I'm interested in seeing how the Google spiders are dealing with content hosted on Google's own sites. A friend mentioned that my week-old Google page - with all of 2 low (and very low) flow links, is high in the results of a search for 'chris gulker.' But Google sitemaps isn't yet offering any stats for the new site, even though the blog linking tool in Firefox sees the links to the new site (from here and

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On Censorship

Last evening I started the first written-for-Google-Page essay, and wrote about 400 words on the topic of censorship. I thought that it would be very topical, especially on a Google site, though I can also say that this will probably not be what one might think (lots has been written from the NY Times and Wall Street Journal to the corners of the Blogosphere). Anyway, I'll spread the word when the essay's ready...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Columns and Essays page goes up

Just put up a Columns and Essays page on my new Google Pages site. I cut-and-pasted text from some old Independent and web-published columns as a way of trying out the Page Creator tools.

The tools are simple and straightforward, almost WYSIWIG. Just click and type. There's an HTML editor if you want to go there, and easy-to-use tools to make links, format text and place images. Just enough to get most web pages built, and not fussy or bloated or hard to learn.

Now that I have a shell of a site, I'll try to find time to do some original content, just for these pages. I've begun an essay on censorship (will work on it this week, evenings) which will go up soon I hope. I might make it a work-in-progress essay, and you can watch as I get it into shape (or not... still deciding).

I also want to host a new portfolio of photos - shot just for the Google Pages site. I'm thinking I will do a portfolio of digital black-and-white - pictures that are shot in b&w in the camera (just like the old days of b&w film) rather than as RGB conversions after the fact. The real goal is to learn the Page Creator tools - they are like a lightweight version of APple's Pages product...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chris' valiant Blogger experiment

Chris' valiant Blogger experiment has now morphed into Chris' Google experiment: I have set up a copy of Firefox on a Mac at home with links to Blogger, Page Creator, Gmail, Google Calendar and all of the other web services that Google offers.

How much of my computing life can I do with free, web-based software? Only missing things seem to be 'iLife' things like photo and music management...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My very own Google Page

Ohmigod! I now have my very own Google Page. Now, if I can just think of what to do with my very own free, 100 MB web site....!