Thursday, April 20, 2006

On censorship (2006) in progress

Readers of this blog (are there any?) can see the censorship essay in progress: On censorship (2006). Appreciate the link is a bit confusing... the Page Creator beta tools are still a bit limited. The essay-in-progress is only linked from here, not from the Google Pages home (or anywhere else), btw.

This is partly out of curiosity: I'm interested in seeing how the Google spiders are dealing with content hosted on Google's own sites. A friend mentioned that my week-old Google page - with all of 2 low (and very low) flow links, is high in the results of a search for 'chris gulker.' But Google sitemaps isn't yet offering any stats for the new site, even though the blog linking tool in Firefox sees the links to the new site (from here and

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