Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Content, by the ton

It would be wonderful to spend this stormy day blogging and writing essays, particularly in response to some pretty silly things floating around the net and social media on the topic of journalism and newspapers, but I promised sweet spouse Linda that I would dig into the task of evaluating the very easiest web site creation software for our church.

Linda has already done a ton of work evaluating different packages, and now wants a geek's eye view of the options. The goal is to make the site easily updatable over the web by multiple authors, both clergy and lay people, many of whom may have only basic computer skills. So we're heads down combing over the prototype site Linda cooked up with the help of a web developer, seeing if there is a way to make it even easier to use...

"Tweeku are poems economical in size, evocative in impact, lilting or crunching or slithering or slouching towards meaning in 140 characters" Just posted this to, where else, Twitter... 8:43:34 PM

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