Thursday, March 05, 2009

With camera in hand...


My new acquaintance is named Victor. He's the guy who hangs out on the corner of California and Birch in Palo Alto, near the Printers Inc. cafe. As we do a couple times a week we had a chat over cocoa (Victor) and coffee (me).

We were in range of the Printers Inc. Wi Fi, so I showed Victor his picture on the blog on my netbook, which amused him. Victor read me his poem, which he read from his copy book.

Under the bridge and through the snow,
Where do the homeless go in Palo Alto?
Loneliness and despair are our only friends.

The wet, cold sidewalks are our beds, some of us die.
God help us - hot food is needed

There are a few lines that I'm having a hard time reading. It didn't help that I made the rooky mistake of ignoring parallax while focusing close with my rangefinder camera (have to remember to tilt the camera down a bit - the M8 viewfinder apparently doesn't compensate for the Zeiss 50mm Planar). I think I'll take the digital voice recorder next time.... 11:48:19 AM


We went to hear Steven Charleston, Assisting Bishop of the Diocese of Northern California, speak at Church of the Nativity in San Carlos last night. Half Irish, half native American and a former Baptist, he has an amazing perspective on faith and culture in the 21st century. Well worth listening to, even if you are of the secular persuasion... 11:18:19 AM

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