Sunday, January 11, 2009

The boy's wild weekend


So, both Scott and I found ourselves without spouse on Saturday and we decided to get together. I sent Scott an email suggesting we go drinking in topless bars - Scott didn't even bother to reply: you know you're getting old when it's just understood that behavior involving alcohol and unclad females is off the table... waaay off the table.

Scott has a new Canon 5D he wanted to check out, so I grabbed my Leica and piled into Scott's hybrid Honda with him and Tiger Lily. We just headed out, and eventually found ourselves in Pescadero, on the coast side of Skyline. There are a couple of picturesque, weathered buildings just outside of 'downtown' on North Street that Scott is fond of photographing - unfortunately, both were blocked by parked cars.

I found my own picturesque building - St. Anthony's Iglesia Catolica (seen above) and fumbled with the auxiliary viewfinder for the Leica's 16-21mm zoom, before realizing it was calibrated for a film Leica, not my digital M8 (I should have packed the M4, loaded with Tri-X).

North Street is also home to Harley Farms, makers of excellent goat cheese. Scott likes cooking as much as I do so we made a small raid on the farm store, coming away with chevre, goat ricotta and chevre buttons in herbed olive oil (num). After that it was take-out barbecue sandwiches from the market on Stage Road (with Lily, we couldn't eat at the celebrated Duarte's or the locals' fave, the Mexican restaurant in the Alliance gas station). We ate at a picnic table in Pescadero State Beach before cruising home the slow way...

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