Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too many feeds?

Scott and I cancelled our walk this morning: it was pouring. So I took the opportunity to take the leap into Twitter, which Scott has been discussing on our last couple of walks (yeah, sure... I've been a tech hermit the last 18 months or so).

Now I've got Tweetdeck running on one monitor, friendfeed realtime on another. Windows 7 beta is downloading in the background as is a Flickr upload utility. Sheesh... all these feeds create constant distraction. Dave Weiner posted an iPhoto snap that just had to be fixed. Scott tipped me to a French photographer, a couple old colleagues found me on Twitter, another on Facebook and, oh yeah, we have some blogging to do, and on it goes. And I still have brain exercise to do... I'm going to need it...

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