Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cross post from my other blog

[I'm playing around with MarsEdit, a blog editor, that makes it easy, among other things to crosspost...]

After Scott, Lily and I completed our morning marathon (actually a 1.5 mile loop walk) and ensuing coffee chat (I'm threatening to bring a mic and/or webcam to this twice weekly event), I was evicted from World HQ by our incredibly efficient cleaning crew.

There's a maelstrom of vacuum cleaners and dust mops rattling the house, and I'm holed up in the back bedroom while the rest of the house is mopped, vacuumed, dusted, polished and scrubbed into submission. My tiny Asus Netbook is on my lap, and we're logged in to World HQ's secure WiFi (got to keep those Russian spies and hacker riffraff from reading my posts before they're public). The WordPress interface works flawlessly in Firefox on Linux.

As usual Scott and I had conversed, rambling over a dozen topics as we walked or, afterwards, sipped Peet's coffee.  Scott, who is an expert in electronic payments, made the point that all the innovation in his field seemed to be coming from scammers who were constantly looking for ways to game big payment systems. 

Scott also showed me a Virgin Atlantic ad video on his iPhone that's running in Britain, featuring a bunch of sexy female flight attendants (remember when?) - the ad is set in the 1980s in commemoration  of Virgin's 25th anniversary. He figures it might not be PC enough for the U.S. - but Linda liked it.

We also discussed the tech feeds aggregator I built on Blogger, using a 'recipe' from Elise Bauer. Im currently waging a battle with my CSS template to incorporate the feed legibly into

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